dear domenico, dear roberto

- as you know from my last mail two days ago, i felt the project i originally conceived to be included in the presentation of viatico would not work out in the way i initially planned to do it. while meditating on several alternativies for a new framework. i realized that about two years ago i wrote a text which in a way might be seen as a kind of "perfect solution" for viatico, matching not only the ambiguities contained in the meaning of the word itself (provisions for a journey i viaticum as sacrament, meant as a provision for the last journey), but also an "application" of this double (- dealing) or oscillating reading in the very context of art and critique: "help your children to understand art" as the title might already suggest the text itself is conceived as a kind of advice for parents who are themselves artists, critics, curators, collectors or otherwise involved in the field of arts. maybe if is even useful for those planning to visit art exhibitions together with their children, or find themselves by accident in a situation confronted with a work of art, while their children start to ask "mom ... dad, can you tell me ..." while working on an exhibition dealing with death in contemporary culture. i visited an understaker's establishment, where  - amoungst other material - i found a little  brochure. " help your  children  to understand death". reading it, i felt immediately there were astonishing parallels to the problems i used tobe faced with in my own work: the field of art and critique ... a contested zone, hounted by killer phrases and questions as well as by existential (ist) problems ... people clalming the death of the author as well as the death of art ... others blaming  the critics for being the death of art ... not to name all those situations you are confronted with when trying to tell people about reasons why you  (or: "why the hell an intelligent / nice/ well educated person like you") are involved with something like art at all. therefore, i decided to use the little brochure as a pattern for, yes, indeed, a kmind of "viatico", ready to be consulted not only by parents, but by everyone feeling from time to time the need for a little help while walking on the infinite roads and slippery grounds of the dangerous, if not killing fields that extend between art and critique ... with best regards, 

verena kuni.


p. s. unfortunately, up till now the brochure is availavle in german only but as i learned from your last letter, the vatican  is near , as an situation for any kind of viatico needed by human beings - shouldn't this be the right address to ask for some funding for a translation?


helfen sie ihrem kind, die kunst zu verstehen ein ratgeber fuer eltern


wenn in einer familie oder verwandtschaft jemand kunst macht, solite man kindern im alter von sieben jahren und aelter nicht nur erlauben, an der ausstellung tellzunehmen, es ist sogar besser, sie zu ermutigen, dies zu tun. die eigentliche ... 

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