il camino astratto

video art curated and with text by domenico scudero, presented by roberto annecchini, change .., rome


il camino astratto the abstract fireplace is based in the desire to create an effective collaboration, an intermediate process between the work of the curator's selection and the artist's creation. first of all, it reflects a desire to represent the activety of studio change, where various joint initiatives of criticism and art are currently operative. furthermore, it reflects a fundamental desire to organise an event within the more extensive framework of the host exhibition home abroad, thus conveying the idea of a virtual fireplace, best represented in video, which situates itself within this overarching concept of a place to be lived in somehow, perhaps even by a re-evaluation of what is meant by territory, nationality, ethnic roots. il camino astrattodesires  to place itself in a comfortable nook of this limitless home like a faint memory of the fire and brazier. once lit il camino astratto invites about itself curiosity and discussion, without obliging those thus invited to dominate or refuse to move away from its flames. il camino astratto is there to make images and meanings a part of communication, to be discussed even whilst crossing its field, interrupting its sequence, giving the public the freedom to use it like a fireplace set up to warm the cosiest nook of a big house.

domenico scudero, 'introduction text in video art 'il camino astratto', 1999, for project 'home abroad', galerie h. sworowski, 1999, ed. catalogue change 1999/2000