sandra mann, 110515 - 9893 written on bourgeois body (jos diegel & shirin metzger, offenbach - buergel), 2015, fotografie copyright sandra mann. photo courtesy sandra mann
sandra mann, 110515 - 9893 written on bourgeois body (jos diegel & shirin metzger, offenbach - buergel), 2015, fotografie copyright sandra mann. photo courtesy sandra mann
sandra mann, sandra mit bart, frankfurt am main, 2000, 27 x 36 cm. photo courtesy art collection deutsche boerse / sandra mann
sandra mann, sandra mit bart, frankfurt am main, 2000, 27 x 36 cm. photo courtesy art collection deutsche boerse / sandra mann


 the  photograph 'sandra  mit  bart'  was  honored  by  'stern  magazine 07 /  2015  

as  one  of  the  best  photographs  of  the  present - day  life. 


sandra mann, 291213  1463  der  philosoph (wald maintal, germany), detail photo, 2013. photo courtesy sandra mann
sandra mann, 291213 1463 der philosoph (wald maintal, germany), detail photo, 2013. photo courtesy sandra mann


 "The wondrous Inquisitiveness of Sandra Mann' -

 Not that Sandra Mann is a photographic reporter, nor is she a documenter of the in scene.

Larry Clark or Nan Goldin are more where she comes from.

– Sandra Mann flies out and observes, unobtrusively; nothing escapes her eye.

People’s candour at the encounter and that they find their being put on show delightful,

has to do with her temperament and her personality.

Possibly, too, with her charm and her tinkle of a laugh.

The camera is her constant companion, her extended arm,

 I would be tempted to say, an olfactory organ  . . .


". . . Sandra Mann’s attitude to herself (to avoid the term of ‘ironic’) is playful.

That approach is consistent with a methodical procedure

insofar as her intuition encompasses more than it excludes.

What is remarkable is not only the continual change of perspective,

but her facility for associative blending in which one picture

not so much catapults another in a new direction,

than that the ‘outer regions’ of the respective images affect each other.

This can operate through affinities of colours or forms,

or again by a gravitation between constellations of content or meaning.

One thing stands out for me.

With her contemplation Sandra Mann produces an astonishing wealth of everything,

as if she wanted to embrace the all the world.

What we can only guess at in her pictures are the many noises,

sounds, voices, rhythms there - a tapestry as colourful and animated

as what we see - all the way to the silence of the iguana..."


Jean-Christophe Ammann, by 'Night Life'', 2005 


1970, visual artist - photography reporter, born in gross-gerau - d; live and work in  frankfurt am main. 

she studied at j. w. goethe universitat of frankfurt / m., and visive comunication at aschaffemburg - d, with george huter 

selected  solo  show :  

2018, Waldlife, Stadtgalerie Bad Soden, Badehaus im Alten, Kurpark, Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany .  

2017, Waldlife,  Forum  fuer  Kunst,  Heidelberg,  D  . 2017,  Fairytales,  Kunsthalle  Sylt,  List auf Sylt, Germany  .  2017,  Waldlife,  Galerie Uhm,  Koenigstein,  D  . 2017, Buechhselincht,  Ukunsthalle  Giessen,  Giessen,  D  .  2017,  Mobile,  Marterie,  Offenbach,  DS ...   2016, Galeria Shia Benden im Kunstraum 49, Dusseldorf, D  .  2015, The Body LanguageSelf Venice, Ca' Zanardi, Venice  .  2015, Galeria Shia Bender, Dusseldorf . Artist - Talk, Galeria Shia Bender, Dusseldorf . Galeria Shia Bender in Kunstraum 49, Dusseldorf  .  2014, Stille Wasser sind Tief / Still Waters Run Deep. Fotografie & fotografische Objeckte des Kuensterlin Sandra Mann, Regionalgalerie Svedhessen im Regierungsprasidium, Darmstadt  .  2014 Super Helsinki, Kulturamt Frankfurt am main, Frankfurt am main  .  2014,  Der Teufel steckt im Detail, Magistrat der Statd, Moerfelden - walldorf, Moerfelden - Walldorf - D .  2012,  Frauen - und Weihsbilder (photografie von Sandra Mann), Ligamenta - Aertezentrum, Frankfurt am Main  .  .  Heile Welt (photo installation), Galerie Perpetuel, Frankfurt am Main  .  2011, Geil Welt, Main Triangel - Oberfinanzdirektion, Frankfurt am Main, D  .  2010, Darmstadter Tage der Fotografie, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, D  .  2009, Plastic Tree, Dirim Art Gallery, Istanbul  .  Marie Therese, Kunstverein Walkmuehle, Wiesbaden, D  .  2008, Daylife Operation Room, Vehbi  Koc Foundation, American Hospital, Istanbul, Istanbul  .  Nightlife, Galerie Prentoundwiesel, Wiesbaden, D  .  . Toilet Meeting B.K.I. Outdoor - Project, Antwerpen, B  .  Tierisch, Galerie Michael W. Schmalfun, Marburg, D  .  . Elk Test, Kaapelin Galleria, Helsinki  .  . Imagine/G of Thinking, Hiap Projectroom, Koapalitehcla, Helsinki  .  2007-2008, Marie Therese, Galerie Perpetuel, Frankfurt/M. - D   .  2005, Nightlife, Galerie Stefan Ropke, Koln . 2005, Balla, balla, Des Neue Orient (con Anny & Sibel Ozturk), Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, D . ... 

selected  group  show by  2006 :

2017, Alles geben, art tempi communications gmbh & Takepart Media & Science Gmbh, Koeln, D . 2017, Supermarket  2017  Stockholm  Art  Fair,  Stockholm,  Sweden  .  2017,  Kunstanction, Fruehlingsfhall,  Stiftung  Pallmengarten  and  Botanicher  Garten,  Frankfurt  am  Main  .  2017,  Blank  and  White,  Deutsche  Bildung,  D  .   2017, Was  is  Kunst  Wert  ?,  Foyere  des  Museum  Darmstadt,  Darmstadt,  D  .  2017,  Coincedence  &  Reference,  MuseumVilla seirschwaehisch,  D  .  2017,  The  Female  Portrait - Art  Collection  Deutsche  Boerse,  Deutsche  Boerse  aG  The  Cube,  Eschhorne,  D  .  2016, Number Six, Mim Gallery, Los Angeles, USA  .  Hot August Portrait, Blam Project - Brookyn Los Angeles met, Los Angeles, USA . Pophits, Palais Neupauer - Breuner, Wien, A . Alptyraum, Visual Voice Gallery, Montreal, CA . Homing Pigeon (Kirjekyhky), Forum Kortelli Turku & Naantali Spa Gallery, Turku, Finland . Lazy Susan, Titanik Galleria, Turku, Finland . Darmstaedter Tage der Fotografie, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt, D . Inside / out, project curated by Sonia Mueller, AusterllungsHalle Schulstrasse 1 A, Frankfurt am Main . Art Collection Deutsche Boerse, Goes English Theare,The Enghish Theatre, Frankfurt am Main . Doppelganger, project curated by Julia - Constance Dissel, Tam Torrence Art Museum, Torrence, Ca - USA . x/I - p - art -ytent Reunion, Acec gebouw, Apeldoorn, NL . War is over !, Kunstraum Dreieich / Art Space Frankfurt , Dreieich, D  .  2015, Rae - Works in White, Shau Fenster, Berlin Alle Fuer Alle, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt Am Main Self Venice - International Art Festival - The Body Language,Ca' Zanardi, Venice .  Liquid Cities NYC - International Video Art Limousine Festival, XY Atelier Art gallery, New York .  Imagine, Kunstraum Dreieich / Art Space Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main . Brita - Kunst Preis 2015, Endlich und Unendlich - Fotografien, Kunsthaus Wiesbaden . Snafu, Kunstverein Neckar - Odenwald Kulturforum, Bruchen - D . x / i p - art - ytent, Eltville  . Buhne Frei, Dusseldorf Photo Weekend 2015 . Kunst Messe Frankfurt 15, Galeria Shia Bender, Dusseldorf . Snafu - Situation Normal all fucked up, Galeria Shia Bender, Dusseldorf  .  Ecstatic Flow : Interstices of Interiority Aesthetica, project curated by Roberto Annecchini for   .  2014, Match / Power, prevent.on, Frankfurt am Main . Organigramma x Ontologia, A. R. concept project, Bracciano, RM . Snafu, Situation Normal all Fucked up, Kunstraum Dreieich / Artspace Frankfurt - D  .  2013, AufMerksamkeit Widmen, Nordreal, Nuemberg, D . Never mind the Bollocks, Kunstmuseum Bonn; JR Gallery, Berlin . Happy Ending, Alexandra Erlhoff, Berlin . Wurzeln weit Mehr Aufmerksamkeit Widmen, Museum Lyeke, Leipzig, D . Art Dyary Frankfurt 2009 - 2012 - The rise of the underground 2012 (Film - Video - Screen), Art Space RheinMain /Halle fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst, Offenbach, D  .  pophit  &  apptrauns, Art Space RheinMain / Halle fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst, Offenbach, D . Frankfurt - Weimar /Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main . Polarraum fuer Kuernt des Gegenwart, Frankfurt am Main . Mensh - Natur, Kunstraum Dreieich, Dreieich, D . Mensch - Natur, Esod - European School of Design, Frankfurt, D . Bettina von Arnim und zurueck, Basis Austellungsraum (Proyektraum), Frankfurt am Main  .  2012,  Familientreffen,  FAt - Frankfurtrer  Ateliertage  2012 - Atelier Frankfurt,  Frankfurt  am  Main . Tandem, Video Art Foundation, Roedemark, Germany  .  quattro  stazione, Fachaertentrum Langen - Dreieich, D  .  Newu Welten - Perspektiven aktueller Kunst (with Tobias Rehberger ...), Austellung Kunsthallen Offenbach, Offenbach am Main . Grenzen und Moeglichkeiten, Austellung Kunsthallen Offenbach, Offenbach am Main . Gastezimmer, Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt am Main . austellungsraum, Obergeschon, D  .  2011, Zeitenwende Saluting The End, Jaus, Los Angeles . Planket / The Fence 2011 - The Invisible, Lilla Mejtens Groand, Stockolm, Sweden  and  Goerlitzenstrasse, Berlin, Germany  .  oo  million  angels singing, Jens Fehring Gallery, Frankfurt am Main . Project group show, Kunstraum Decastro, Dreieich, D  .  2008, Works, objects and attachments, Change + Partner, Roma . Archivio Change + Partner 2008, Change + Partner, Roma  .  2007, Clima da rigenerazione / Climate of Regeneration, project curated by Roberto Annecchini, Change + Partner Contemporary Art, Roma . Galleria San Carlo New Contemporary, Milano . Villa Sandheimer, Frankfurt/M  .  2006, Kunsthalle Mannheim, D . Luminale, Frankfurt/M. . San Sebastian, ES . Balla balla, III, Ellwanger Kunstausstellung, Schloss ob Ellwangen . Galerie Arnès y Ropke, Madrid . Proyekt im Offentlichen Raum zur Fifa . Funbalweltmeisterschaft, Dortmund, Koln . Theater Marin Drzic, Dubrounik . Galerie Stefan Ropke, Koln . Art Cologne, Forderkoje . Galerie Arnzs Ropke, Madrid . Galerie Stefan Ropke, Pulse, Miami, USA   ... 


sandra mann, antependium, 1998. photo courtesy sandra mann
sandra mann, antependium, 1998. photo courtesy sandra mann