rosell  meseguer,  bateria  de  cenizas.  metodologia  de  la  defensa,  proa, photo, 2006.  photo  courtesy  rosell  meseguer
rosell meseguer, bateria de cenizas. metodologia de la defensa, proa, photo, 2006. photo courtesy rosell meseguer


  ... "The concepts related  to these  military  spaceswrites   Rosell Meseguer  currently abandoned , articulate  themselves   as an archive  od deserted  images, abandoned  places ...";

they are mixed up with postcards, newspapers cuttings, visual and written documents".

This artist  unfolds a spiral memory, recovers fragments from a historical map, superimposes contemporary  events with past events, fascinated by the idea of defence strategies and  an inevitable attak.

" Bateria de Cenizas is one of those fortifications, 

built from the existing relationship between  its size and past events. ...". 


Fernando Castro Flòrez, 'The ruins of the memory and the fortification of the subject (Some ideas related to Rosell Meseguer), by 'Baterìa de Cenizas, metodologia de la defensa II - Rosell Meseguer', 2005



'Battery of ashes: Defence Methodology' This project is about bunkers

and military refugees,  a project that has been going on since 1999,

when I took my first photograph at Cartagena, 

the old roman city called : Carthagonova.

The project includes not only photo-views (Fotografías Rosell Meseguer)

but also a collection of images taken from the press, old photographs

and archive documents…(Imagenes apropiadas).

From them, I create a hole pile of images showed in photographs, 

slide projections, installations, paintings and drawings.


 Rosell Meseguer, by Baterìa de Cenizas - Metodologia de la Defensa, 2006


Mediterranean has become a part of everyday life, 

informed by a belief in a different, perhaps better, 

place on the opposite side of the sea. 

This gaze is echoed in Rosell Meseguer´s images that look through the slits

of defence buildings along the harbour and coast of Cartagena on the Spanish Peninsula that were last used in combat during the Spanish Civil War but now

are abandoned and isolated from transport links providing a panoramic gaze.


Lisa Le Feuvre, Exhibition Curator, The Photographers´Gallery, London GREAT 55, 2006



Rosell  Meseguer, born in orihuela, spain, 1976; lives and works in madrid - visual artist  


2004 P.H.D. in Fine Artes, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain  .  05-09 Professor at Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, Spain  .  06-09 Invited as a Professor at the Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile, Chili  .  2005 Grant Academia de España en Roma, Italy  .  2003 Research Stay at Centre Georges Pompidou; Société Française de Photographie, Paris, France  .  2002 Research Stay at the Tate Gallery & Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England  .  2001 Research Stay at the M.O.M.A; Columbia University, New York, U.S.A.  .  00-02 Assistant of the Professor of Pictorial Proceedings & Research of material for artistic purposes at Fine Arts Faculty, Madrid U.C.M.  .  2000 M.A. New Technologies: video & sound, M.S.L. Madrid


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PRIEZES  &  GRANTS (selection)

2009 Fine Arts Prize, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain, first prize . 2007 Photography Prize Fundación Aena, Madrid, Spain, first prize Grant Intermediae-Matadero, Council of Madrid, Madrid, Spain . 2006 Prize Photography Ángel B.A.F., Córdoba, Spain, final shortlisted Albiac, Contemporary Art Bienal, Almería, Spain, acquisition . 2005 Casa Velázquez Grant, Madrid, Spain. Given by the French Goverment Generaciones Obra Social Caja Madrid, honour mention, acquisition . Madrid Procesos RMSM-AVAM Grant, Goverment of Madrid, Spain 2004 Fine Art Young Artists Contest, Council of Madrid, first prize . 2003 Grant Generaciones Obra Social Caja Madrid, Spain


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