route  'else'   -   roberto  annecchini   (solo  show)

concept project curated by roberto annecchini with introductive text

programme change + partner platform contemporarry art 2018; may  2018  -  aug  2018


route 'else' is the third  concept project in the author's trilogy. the new images conceived for this conclusive hyper-post-conceptual design process refer to a period of the last two decades, from 1998 to 2018, limited to purely artistic-critical references to the context and identity of the author. the adaption of the path imprints within the spherical shape designated and meaningfull output, essential testimonial details, both expositive and performative and both lyrical and textual conjnctions, in some specific cases are re-elaborated, evolved and regenerated for something 'else'. route 'else' is characterized with respect to the other two previous concept projects, becoming increasingly aware of a reference point of concept, concrete, psychedelic, optical, kinetic and programmatic, throught the use of the hi-tech digital medium. the diascopic scheme already acquired by the now customary and recognizable methodological perceptive procedural dynamics of the author, on this occasion is further addressed to a synthesis of research between the past and the most current orientation of this own 'aesthetics' poetics.


roberto annecchini, introduction concept project route 'else', 2018.


roberto annecchini, route 'else', concept project, details drawing assemblage, performance, photo-objects, documents and texts, from 2008 to 2018, 2018. photos courtesy r. a. and photo nr. 18 regina huebner by performance for videoschoot.