relational iteration  -  roberto  annecchini  (solo  show)

project curated by roberto annecchini with introductive text

programme  change  +  partner  platform  contemporary  art,  2018 -  area  concept  project;  may  2018  -   jul.  2018


the visual process of these new structural drawings conceived for the concept project 'relational iterationis the second event of the author's trilogy project. in this second section, a structural and formal square connotation with an address that can be traced back to minimal and neo - geo references. joining formal contents both figurative and abstract, testimonials, photo-object, hi-tech and conceptual, rendered in a blended and delicately magmatic assembly, further highlighting the possibilities and evolving in progress. this last production over ten years of the author's activity it is characterized not only by its methodological design process also for the mnemonic, dreamlike and surreal aspect of the overall composition. the set of these new works therefore results in the procedure method an iter-action. 'relational iteration', output (moment and conclusive result). an objective process of approach towards a desired achievement and conceived stylistic artifice, where the the upshot obtained from an example or a sample it is used as a starting point for the next one.


roberto annecchini, introductive text concept project 'relational iteration',, 2018. 


roberto annecchini, 'relational iteration', concept project, details drawings - assemblage with documents, photo-objects, silicon, red paper, texts, 1994/2018,, 2018. photos courtesy r. a. - nr. 7 and nr. 12 regina huebner