journey  into  empathy  (dedicated  to  iris  reepen)   -   roberto  annecchini  

concept project in progress curated by roberto annecchini with  introductive text

programme change + partner platform contemporary art, 2018  -  area  concept  project;  apr.  2018  -   aug.  2018  



... homage to the art historian and critical german curator based in frankfurt am main,

in 2015, who died after a long illness.

collaborator and significant critical identity that has impressed througt its qualified critical text-lyric,

a singular interest for this 'place & concept' as a change + partner contemporary art, in some exhibition projects. ...


"... micromegas' wissenschaftliche instrumente - mikroskope oder teleskope, mit welchen er die erstansslichen naturphaenomene und faszinierenden eigenschaften der fremdlinge und ihre welt betrachtet - scheinen

auch fuer beobachtung und perspektivwechsel in relationale! geeignet: ...".

iris reepen, by 'micromegas' for 'relationale!', 2004, 'catalogue change + partner 2001-2005', 2005.


roberto annecchini, introductive text for 'journey into empathy (dedicated to iris reepen)', concept project in progress,, 2018.


roberto annecchini, 'journey into empathy (dedicated to iris reepen)', concept project in progress, details drawings - assemblage by dried white rose, objects-photo and texts-document from iris reepen to roberto annecchini, 2004 / 2013,, 2018. photos courtesy r. a.