a  pictorial  theatre   -   augusta  atla  (solo  show)

concept project curated by roberto annecchini; introductive text from augusta atla

programme  change  +  partner  contemporary  art

www.changeartconcept.com  -  area  concept  project;  07  01  2011   -   06  04  2011





A  Pictorial  Theatre 


Visual work, 2011 I have invented an artwork called 'The Pictorial Theatre' (a wood stage);

it exists as a new pictorial frame on which my self and other women can be my subjects for art, and opposed to previous ideas, I want the model to be alive rather than being controlled.

Because I am a women artist, I find it very necessary to comment

on the patriarchy in art history; e. g. the female figure as an idealised and/or pleasurable object.

In my artwork I am concernent about gender issues, especially the images and historical understanding

of the female fifure; I am trying to make more realistic images of women, complex feelings,

diverse sexuality, a heart, fragility, strength and failures in order to re-interpret images of woman.

The pictorial theatre works as a frame for live performance,

for photowork, drawing, painting, sculptural work and videowork.

A visual work to experiment an the female figure, an expressive free space, a study of the live body

and pictorial composition, an elaboration between time-based observation and still life.

To work is not is need of the white cube gallery space to exists, it can be placed in my garden,

on the street, in the woods, and on the sea shore and so on.

The work is an on-going visual work inviting different women on the pictorial stage continuausly for 2011.  


augusta  atla,  a  pictorial  theatre,  introduction  for  concept  project,  2011




augusta  atla,  a  pictorial  theatre,  photo - work,  photocollage,  installation,  costume - object,  event  and  performance,  2010  /  2011.  photos  courtesy  augusta  atla