somanychances   -   pasquale  polidori  (solo  show)

concept  project  curated  by  roberto  annecchini; introductive  text  from  francesco pontorno    

programme  change  +  partner  contemporary  art;  04   02   2010   -   20   03   2010




Polidori performs an antirhetorical deconstruction, thus achieving poetical results.

He re-uses philosophical systems which, estranged from their usual context,

take on a new esthetic value. Within such process, ironical reversal is particularly relevant.

This way, he creates a plural poetry and an oxymoronic collective lyricism. 


Francesco Pontorno,  from Siedi  accanto  al  lupo,  Luigi  Battisti  and  Pasquale  Polidori ’s  Sem  /  Senza,  exhibition  

catalogue,  PAN  -  Napoli,  2009      




pasquale polidori, somanychances, concept project, 2009. photo courtesy pasquale polidori