worldlings   -   urs  breitenstein   (solo  show)

concept  project  curated  by  roberto  annecchini;  art  critical  text  from  rolf  lauter

programme  change  +  partner  contemporary  art  -  area  concep  project;  06  11  2009   -   20  12  2009




Breitenstein’s main theme is the perception of everyday reality. […]

In a seemingly playful way, he subjects the mechanisms of advertising

to critical purview and alludes to the extent to which the observer

depends on the semantic strategies of corporate creativity."


Rolf Lauter, in: 6e Semaine Internationale de Vidéo, Saint-Gervais Genève, 1995 





urs breitenstein, worldlings, 2009, assembled logos. photos  courtesy  urs  breitenstein