nr. 1 photo - anna willieme, detail by "heart rhythm n 1", for concept project "ecstatic flow",, 2014. photo courtesy anna willieme  .  nr. 2 photo - augusta atla, detail by "eden", 2017. photo courtesy augusta atla  .  nr. 3 photo - regina huebner, detail by "loving", 2016, for videoinstallation,  z k m, karlsuhe, d, 2017. photo courtesy regina huebner  . nr. 4 photo -  roberto annecchini, detail by  solo show "r.  r.  r. - retro-active, refraction, re-generative (expanded etimology x displaced time)", performative installation, a. r..concept project, bracciano, rm, 2016. photo courtesy r. a.  .  nr. 5 photo - rosell meseguer, detail by "villa adriano 2", 2016. photo courtesy rosell meseguer  .  nr. 6 photo - sandra mann, detail by "hommage an monet (jessica & seerosen, buchslag)", 2014, for solo show "waldlife", stadtgalerie Bad Soden im Badenhaus, Bad Soden am Taunus, D 2018. photo copyright sandra mann, photo courtesy sandra mann  .  nr. 7 photo - urs breitenstein, detail by "documenti prima e seconda istanza",  2017, for  concept project  "instaces of an expanded limbo",,  2017. photos courtesy urs breitenstein  .  nr. 8 photo - anna  willieme,  detail  by  solo show "astromaps",  installation with sonor, change - studio d'arte contemporanea, rome, 1997. photo courtesy archive change + partner  .  nr. 9 photo - augusta  atla,  detail  by  solo show"the measuring one body - geometria morte", performative installation, change + partner contemporary art, rome, 2008. photo  courtesy  augusta  atla  .   nr. 10 photo - regina  huebner,  detail  by solo show "zeit",  performative videoinstallation, change + partner contemporary art, rome, 2005. photo copyright  regina  huebner,  photo  courtesy  regina  huebner  .  nr. 11 photo - roberto annecchini,  detail  by solo  show "reale  attitudine", performative installation, change + partner contemporary art, rome, 2003.  photo  courtesy  archive  change  +  partner  .  nr.  12  photo  -  rosell  meseguer,  detail  by solo show "bateria de cenizas. metodologia de la defensa",  photos-installation, change + partner contemporary art, rome, 2006. photo courtesy rosell meseguer  .  nr.  13  photo - sandra  mann,  detail  by  "cockroach  memorial",  photos - installation with sonor for project  "x  ontology  organization",  a. r. - concept project, bracciano, rm, 2014.  photo  copyright  sandra  mann,  photo  courtesy  archive  change  +  partner  .   nr.  14  photo - urs  breitenstein,  detail  by  solo show " la  terra vista da casa", installation with dia-projections and  wall-drawing,  change - studio d'arte contemporanea,  rome, 1997.  photo  courtesy  urs  breitenstein. 


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